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To create a feeling of satisfaction and value in the minds of our clients through the quality and dependability of our services. By going above and beyond your expectations, we strive to continuously improve our performance and business practices. 

Our professional staff is committed to having a positive attitude which embraces honesty, reliability and placing top priority on your needs and expectations in the hopes to become a leader in our local industry.


Our Services

Our team seeks to exceed each and every one of your expectations by transforming the landscape into a  functional work of art that can be enjoyed in every season. Our work is  especially suited to your taste for the landscape to become perfectly integrated into the aesthetics of the property. Once the transformation is complete, our maintenance team continues to work hard to keep the property looking great! We also offer seasonal and when needed services; no job is too small and we work fast!


Our Work

We are getting with the times and are excited and happy to start building a portfolio of our work. Check out the photo gallery! 

Please check back with us from time to time as we plan to share more pictures of our completed projects. 

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Tips for Seasonal Landscape Care


Seasonal changes are not as dramatic in Las Vegas as they are in other parts of the country, so any season is right to mulch shrubs and trees. This helps to moderate temperatures, maintain soil moisture, deter weeds, and enhance property curb appeal. Avoid mulching directly around the trunks of trees and ornamental plants, as this can lead to rot. 

Prepare and protect your home with these seasonal maintenance tips:


  • Warming temperatures and regular rainfall makes conditions ideal for new planting but wait until the threat of frost is over. 
  • Make sure the irrigation system is in good working condition in preparation of summer watering, and that tools and equipment are ready for the upcoming busy season. 


  • Learn about the specific needs for your lawn, trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants and be sure to provide the correct amount of water through the summer heat. This will deter drought stress and over watering. 
  • Reset auto-light timers for the longer days ahead.


  • Excellent time to plant in Las Vegas. Be sure to water new plantings well since rainfall is scarce. 
  • Take care to sufficiently water and fertilize the lawn as it prepares for winter dormancy. 
  • Plant bulbs including tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth, for a bright, beautiful spring display.


  • Excellent time to prune trees and shrubs. Many plants have lost their leaves, making it easier to see their framework and decide which branches need to be removed. 
    • However, do not prune plants that bloom in the spring, as you could remove next spring's flowers. Prune these plants after the blooms fall off in the spring.
  • Adjust the watering schedule to one day a week, even through lawn dormancy. 
  • Mulch trees and ornamental plants to help moderate temperatures and soil moisture. 
  • Get lawn equipment repaired and ready for spring. Many repair shops might offer winter discounts during what is typically a slow time of the year for them. 
  • Reset auto-light timers for the shorter days ahead 

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